This is a dynamic exhibition by Sophie Hill and Philip Cornett.  A collaboration of their individual domestic spaces manifests itself into a unique installation of paintings, sound, objects and ideas. It serves as a platform to question and discuss the differences found between individual concepts of Home, while always searching for their common threads. Woven into the fabric of the Home is an ineluctable histor…y, elements of which the artists intend to enigmatically invoke.

The Art Salon will be transformed into a spatial hybrid— the extraction of this private inner world that is nurtured by the Home within the discerning public setting of an art gallery. The social barriers of both will be blurred as the public is invited to explore, interact, and become part of the space allowing them to create their own narratives of this displaced domestic world.

There will be a brief performance by Philip at the Private View on the 4th of January at 6pm. On Saturday 5th and 12th of January there will be a full performance of work beginning at 4pm until late. These ritualistic and séance-like performances will invoke and uncover hidden characters buried within the exhibition.