We are passionate about providing people with the skills they need to succeed in the arts. Volunteer with us to create a placement that will truly benefit the community and your own personal career or progress. This can be a commitment of just a few hours a week, or something more structured. The following are the main areas that the Cambridge Art Salon needs help with: from arts marketing, fundraising and PR, to social media, helping in the studios, in the community, or gallery invigilation and assistance – there is something for everyone at the Art Salon. Volunteers will be credited for their contributions. You will receive references upon completion of your time with us.

‘My time spent at Cambridge Art Salon was exciting, engaging and highly informative. This opportunity gave me a real hands on experience interacting directly with local artists, developing marketing strategies, fostering local press contacts and enhancing the social media presence of the organisation. The Salon was highly supportive of my goals and needs and enabled me to work independently, but also inclusively as part of a great team of volunteers. I was proud to have been a part of the CAS journey. Huge thanks to the CAS for a wonderful opportunity…’ 

Claire Wilson, former Arts Marketing Volunteer.

marketing intern