Giulia Portuese-Williams

Alabaster human torso, with softened formsGiulia has explored a wide range of sculptural languages since she moved to Cambridge from Florence, Italy. She continues to investigate the dynamics of organic natural movement in abstract form. Her focus is on how to express a sequence of harmonic movements in lyrical physical forms.

While exploring ways of simplifying organic forms and gentle human lines, this search took her down a more spiritual path. Her simplified forms convey dynamic and harmonic images of movement.

Her years in Florence influenced the elegance of her abstract forms and newly discovered human form. Brancusi and Hepworth were the inspiring artists that influenced her at the dawn of her search for art form.

Her body of work elegantly displays her matured and positive outlook on life. She has streamlined her concepts relating to movement and chosen to work with the most contemporary of materials to produce stylish and powerful sculpture.