Karl Dmitri Bishop – 6th-18th September

Karl Dmitri Bishop

Karl Dmitri Bishop

Photographer and visual artist

‘Karl Dmitri Bishop’s work explores the abstract dream space by veiling and obscuring the formal subject matter to form a highly constructed surreal moment.
His shots are high fabricated and processed, with each feeling more akin to a painting; the elaborate veils that shroud each subject lend them their intangible quality of otherworldliness.’

You can find out more about the artist here

General Synopsis – Private view 8th August


Peter Sutton and Andrew Coleman private view for General synopsis

August 8th 6:30pm

Find out more about the artist here

The Map Project 4th – 7th August


The Map Project is a community art project run by Hugh Chapman and Sa’adiah Khan.The project has brought together a range of participants to contribute artwork inspired by East Cambridge. We’re now starting to collage these artworks to form the Map. Drop by to see the work-in-progress and contribute to the Map.

Opening times:

Sunday 12 – 5pm
Monday 12 – 5pm
Tuesday 12 – 5pm
Wednesday 12 – 5pm


To find out more about The Map Project click here


Quintessentials and Feast for the eyes



Quintessentials: Weekends 1 & 2 July 6-7 & 13-14


Feast for the eyes: Weekends 3 & 4 July 19-21 & 26-28

‘Curtains’ Peter Sutton – 27th June – 3rd July




‘I was frightened by the dark as a child, now I find a perverse refuge in it’

Peter Sutton is an artist and maker whose work explores themes of memory, repetition, frustration and pointlessness – as revealed in manufactured every day objects and places. ‘I employ the visible attrition of time upon objects, traces of lives lived outside – but now within, the work’

With 25 years experience working in the creative industries professionally as a graphic designer and illustrator, ‘Curtains’ is his second solo show at the Cambridge Art Salon, using the space to explore his practice as an emerging artist.

Sound to the show will be performed by electronic musician Andy Coleman at the private view on Friday 28th June.

For more information see the artists website here

Nick Ward solo show – 21st to 26th June


Painting – Installation – Interaction
Summer solstice opening June 21 5:30 onwards

Moving On by Gideon Pain – Thursday 23 May 2013


‘Moving On’ is an exhibition of fresh, contemporary paintings and drawings born outof the daily commute from Cambridge to London.
What started out as time-passing doodles in the corner of a diary page has turned into a six year obsession with exploring and expressing the rich theatre of rail travel. As land and weather slip by, all is on display yet much is private. It’s is this strange contradiction and the subtle, beautiful peculiarities that germinate from the most mundane of experiences. Thrown together by the necessity of work and the process of ‘getting there’, we create a world of great physical and emotional diversity that unfolds within ever changing environments. 
‘I never want to be nosey, and drawing and painting are a rubbish technique for paparazzi. Art for me is about distilling ideas rather than simply representing facts. I have always loved painters like Velasquez, Manet, Goya, and Rembrandt who seemed able to illuminate the world in a mysterious light rather than an intense glare. Luc Tuymans, Marlene Dumas and Karin Mamma Andersson are contemporary artists who continue this process and inspire me as to the huge potential of paintings’ slowness in an otherwise instantaneous digital world…’ Gideon Pain

More info on the artist here

Descent by Juno Doran – April 2013


“Descent” is an exhibition and drawing installation by the artist Juno Doran, currently working from a studio at Cambridge Art Salon, using the media of drawing on paper and photography.

This series of works had developed as an artistic response to a profound personal experience of loss, whilst simultaneously searching a form of iconographic representation of raw human pain in a wider sense.

Juno Doran is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Cambridge, England, using a variety of media in her work, including drawing, text, painting and film, exploring core issues of personal existence, memory and identity, as well as wider issues with a global context. Throughout her artistic career she has exhibited internationally, including theUnited States and South Africa, as well as in several venues in England and Scotland.


For more information visit the artists website here

Romsey Mill – April 2013

Romsey Mill Art Award2    Romsey Mill Art Award5    Romsey Mill Art Award3


This April students from Romsey Mill’s alternative education programme will profile their art work at the Art Salon.

The Mill’s alternative education programme supports young people, 13-16, who have struggled to engage with mainstream school and the completed pieces are a part of the student’s study towards an Level 1 Arts Award. So if it’s a fine collection of oil landscapes and acrylic portraits you’re after look no further…

Romsey Mill is a Cambridgeshire Charity creating opportunities with young people and families to overcome disadvantage and social isolation

To findout more, visit their website here

Romsey Mill Art Award4


Sister Luna – 28th March-3rd April


Artwork & Illustration from Lucy Graves

A show of doodle explorations sparked by the invisible; music, human nature, consciousness, and outer space. Records the artist has illustrated and screenprints will also be available.

Join Lucy for mint tea and music at the private view, Friday 29th March, 6.30pm – 9pm

With live music from The Doozer

An interview with the artist by Dummy Magazine can be found here