Moving On by Gideon Pain – Thursday 23 May 2013


‘Moving On’ is an exhibition of fresh, contemporary paintings and drawings born outof the daily commute from Cambridge to London.
What started out as time-passing doodles in the corner of a diary page has turned into a six year obsession with exploring and expressing the rich theatre of rail travel. As land and weather slip by, all is on display yet much is private. It’s is this strange contradiction and the subtle, beautiful peculiarities that germinate from the most mundane of experiences. Thrown together by the necessity of work and the process of ‘getting there’, we create a world of great physical and emotional diversity that unfolds within ever changing environments. 
‘I never want to be nosey, and drawing and painting are a rubbish technique for paparazzi. Art for me is about distilling ideas rather than simply representing facts. I have always loved painters like Velasquez, Manet, Goya, and Rembrandt who seemed able to illuminate the world in a mysterious light rather than an intense glare. Luc Tuymans, Marlene Dumas and Karin Mamma Andersson are contemporary artists who continue this process and inspire me as to the huge potential of paintings’ slowness in an otherwise instantaneous digital world…’ Gideon Pain

More info on the artist here