Pearls of Wisdom

For charity Care Network’s 30 year anniversary, Cambridge Art Salon created a variety of ‘pearls of wisdom’, with elderly residents in and around Huntingdon, funded by the Charity Lifeline Community Benefit fund. Pearls of Wisdom is part of our We Are Family programme, which uses art to celebrate the voices and social history of older people in our lives.


Tree of Wisdom installation from Sarah Steenhorst

Tree of Wisdom installation from Sarah Steenhorst

We were delighted to showcase a specially commissioned Tree of Wisdom installation from Sarah Steenhorst, to share some of these pearls, at Huntingdon Town Hall on October 12th, for Care Network Cambridgeshire’s AGM. Interactive art, ‘Oyster and Butterfly’ was also on show from Sa’adiah Khan.

‘Pearls’ on the tree were created by elderly residents at Glatton Hall Care Home, plus in their own homes in and around Huntingdon, including audio, from Olwen, plus textiles from Marilyn. Pearls celebrating older people in our lives were also made by children and families in Abbey, Cambridge, as part of our Eastside Creates programme at The Big Lunch.

‘I’ve not had this much fun since my wedding day!’ said Olwen, about enjoying her time at the AGM, where her song was performed as part of the installation.

Special thanks to Sam Norman, Blue Bus Tour, Georgina Cook, Sarah Steenhorst, Victor Ibanez for all their help making the pearls.

INFLUENCES NAIL BAR comes to Cambridge Women Of The World Festival, October 26th

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Cambridge Art Salon brings the acclaimed INFLUENCES NAIL BAR to Cambridge as part of their second Women Of Influence project with Romsey Mill, Female Voices, funded by the Arts Council. Since September, a group of girls from Romsey Mill have been discussing equality issues with artist Phoebe Davies and together have selected a range of inspirational women to go on a series of nail wraps, available at INFLUENCES NAIL BAR at Cambridge’s first ever Women of the World Festival (WOW) on October 26th.

The nailwraps selected by the girls include the likes of performance poet Hollie Mcnish and Every Day Sexism’s Laura Bates.

Read more about Phoebe Davies and the INFLUENCES NAIL BAR in this article in Grazia magazine :

Come and visit the nail bar from 10am until 4.30pm on October 26th at Cambridge Junction. Get your tickets here :

Female Voices is led by Cambridge Art Salon and Romsey Mill,  partnered with Cambridge University’s Women Of The World Festival, plus online magazine Female Arts :



LGBT Arts at the Art Salon

For the first time, Cambridge Art Salon open their doors in celebration of LGBT History Month 2013. Featuring stunning photography from the likes of Sadie Ramone and Karl Dmitri Bishop, plus vibrant art works from artists Dittany Rose and Paula Metcalf – this will be a real treat.
Come along, between 21st and 28th February, late Thursday 5pm – 7pm and 10am – 5.30pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
You are also invited to a special, initimate closing party for the show on 27th Feb at 7pm.
Bring Your Own Bottle!
“We are …thrilled that so many organisations from across Cambridge have come together this year to make LGBT History Month a success.  Bringing about change towards an accepting society is not just the responsibility of a few, but can be achieved by many of us working together “ Kate Durrant.  Encompass Network
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DO – an exhibition of creative work by staff at Hills Road Art and Design Department


The opening will be a bit of a ‘DO’ and the work on display will be the result of a lot of DOING!

The work will cover a range of approaches reflecting the interests and enthusiasms of a diverse team of artists. We will be showing Painting, Photography, Sculpture and Textiles at the Cambridge Art Salon from 18th – 29th  January 2013.

Some of the work will be mysterious and intriguing, much of it will be beautiful! We really hope that people will come along to celebrate and enjoy the work of the Hills Road Art Team.


This is a dynamic exhibition by Sophie Hill and Philip Cornett.  A collaboration of their individual domestic spaces manifests itself into a unique installation of paintings, sound, objects and ideas. It serves as a platform to question and discuss the differences found between individual concepts of Home, while always searching for their common threads. Woven into the fabric of the Home is an ineluctable histor…y, elements of which the artists intend to enigmatically invoke.

The Art Salon will be transformed into a spatial hybrid— the extraction of this private inner world that is nurtured by the Home within the discerning public setting of an art gallery. The social barriers of both will be blurred as the public is invited to explore, interact, and become part of the space allowing them to create their own narratives of this displaced domestic world.

There will be a brief performance by Philip at the Private View on the 4th of January at 6pm. On Saturday 5th and 12th of January there will be a full performance of work beginning at 4pm until late. These ritualistic and séance-like performances will invoke and uncover hidden characters buried within the exhibition.

Studio Exhibition @ Cambridge Art Salon

A Month of Art @Cambridge Art Salon

7th July to 29th July 2012

Members of the Cambridge Art Salon will be showcasing their finest work throughout July. The Studio Exhibition will bring together works of different local artists.

The Cambridge Art Salon is located at 29 Cromwell Road. The gallery will be open on Thursdays from 5pm to 7pm and from Friday to Sunday from 10am – 5.30pm. The artists will be present on the weekends. Further information:




During the period from 7th to 15th of July, Giulia Portuese-Williams, sculptor, Susan Windeatt, painter, Henry Sheperd, photographer and film maker and Ruth Schmid, designer and bag maker will be presenting their latest works.

Giulia Portuese-Williams                                Susan Windeatt

Ruth Schmid                                                  Henry Sheperd

They will be followed from 20th to 29th by the works of Karen Lewis, hat maker, Rob Wilson, illustrator, Diana Probst, painter and Penelope Sackett Hayes, ceramicist and textile artist. This is a unique opportunity to engage with the artists, see them work within the gallery space and purchase original art works.

Karen Lewis                                                     Rob Wilson

Diana Probst                                                   Penelope Sackett Hayes

From motion to ‘e’motion

From motion to ‘e’motion

An exhibition of Kinetic Art and Installations by Floridia Ferrara.

Opening Friday the 9th of March with live dj set by Minimal Sound System

Private view: 9th of March from 7 to 8 pm, all welcome from 8pm

Meet the artist (and closing day): Tuesday 13th March

Closed Monday 12th of March

Floridia has been creating mobiles for more than 10 years. Movement and balance are two pivotal concepts in her work and her life.

The artist has always been fascinated by the movement of balanced, hanging structures. As a child she enjoyed experimenting with coloured cardboard and assembling  geometric patterns  which she would hang up and then spend a long time watching them move, animated by the draft coming in from her window.

Many years later, she built her first mobile in balsa wood.

Floridia is interested in the concepts of balance, movement, change, perspective and perception and is intrigued by the incessant changes of shape a structure in motion can produce when perceived from different perspectives. She says that “Motion and perception never remain the same or repeat, yet create a pleasant sensation of déjà vu. The movement stems from and relates to the constant evolution of nature, providing therefore a rare and mesmerising insight into the fabric of universe itself.”

The intersection of lines and shapes moving together and then separating again also makes space for the viewer’s own interaction with the artwork and this vital connection and interaction between art and viewer creates chances an for an active two-way fruition.

Her handmade structures in balance are unique works of art  and cannot be reproduced .She loves researching and experimenting with different materials (wood, copper, papier-mâché, resins, perspex, recycled objects etc.) from which she draws inspiration for her creations.

At the Cambridge Art Salon she will also present one of the installations of her “Beside” project dealing with the concept of identity, its interpretation and representation.

At the opening, Minimal Sound System, a Cambridge-based sound artist who originally composed the soundscapes of one of Floridia’s installation, will delight the audience with an exquisite live dj set.


Drop-In Drawing

Close-up of a wooden artist's mannequinThe Cambridge Art Salon invites anyone who wants to drop in and draw to come during our opening hours, and make use of our facilities. We are open on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday for normal shop hours, and we have set up a table with objects to draw. Bring your own equipment and make use of our peaceful environment, for an art-break of any length. Donations are welcome.

Future Generations…

This week, the Cambridge Art Salon is pleased to present Future Generations Lie Dead by our Hand, an installation by Penelope Sackville-Hayes. The installation in ceramics runs until 27th September