bright imaginings

Paintings by Alice Hill

Friday 6 – Tuesday 10 April (closed monday)

Private view Friday 6 April 7.00-9.30pm Please RSVP

Alice explores organic forms within her paintings. She is inspired by the natural world and uses its boundless imagery, from ripples in the sea, to rain drops on a petal, to a weather worn, smooth shell discovered on the beach. Alice continuously aims to push the pronominal constraints and meanings of these entities and draws from them as an initial starting point to a painting. However, the final outcome is typically very free and abstract, perhaps suggesting and provoking more feeling to the viewer than the original drawing. To achieve this Alice is a big believer in experimenting and taking risks. She applies vivid colour and adds spontaneity to an oil painting by using spray paint and gloss paint, mediums that can be unpredictable. This hopes to convey a feeling of expression and movement in her work. Alice enjoys playing with the imagination and is fascinated with people’s responses to her work and what they discover within a painting. Further more, colour is hugely important to her, as she believes it evokes different feelings and reactions in people, spurring on dreams or recapturing distant memories. Alice’s work is an infusion of her inspirations, combining impulsive painting with a stylised element.

This April 2012, Alice goes back to her roots to hold her first solo exhibition at the Cambridge Art Salon. ‘Bright Imaginings’ will feature new and exciting work up for sale. The exhibition runs over the Easter weekend Friday 6thApril to Tuesday 10thApril (opening Friday night, closed Monday). Alice’s work has been featured in online magazine Running In Heels, national newspaper The Guardian and Inspirational Woman Magazine. Her vibrant paintings have been sold to collectors and art lovers in Cambridge and the East of England. She is 26. A fine artist who graduated from Cambridge School of Art in 2008, Alice continued to live and paint in Cambridge exhibiting her work at restaurants such as Cottos and The River Bar and Kitchen until May 2010 when she relocated to Norfolk. She’s also exhibited with ‘Changing Spaces’ in Summer 2009; Positiveworld Studios’ group show ‘Transforming Space’ in October 2009; ‘All Things Said’ with two other contemporary female artists at The Shop, Jesus Lane in December 2009. She’s also exhibited installation work at The Theatre Royal in Bury St. Edmunds, as part of a ‘Shakespeare Sonnet Walk’ organised by the theatre; plus appeared at The Bicycle Shop in Norwich.