At the Studios – February 2015


Penelope Sackett Hayes, ceramics artist, at work at the studios on new work.

Jill Fordham, glass artist, at work at the studios on a new commission


Review: Rebel Women – Inspirational Girls

Romsey Town Roller Billies - a moment of relaxation

Romsey Town Roller Billies – Daisy Zoller

Slate the Disco, a Cambridge-focused artist and criticism site with a broad inclusion policy for the arts, has plenty to say on the Salon’s recent show. Rebel Women – Inspirational Girls celebrated International Women’s Day in the Salon, and was produced by Ruthie Collins, our Creative Director.

Led by teenagers who were guided and supported by the local Romsey Mill charity, Rebel Women is the result of a year’s work by many amazing women and those who supported them in their work, women and men together.

Read what Slate the Disco has to say:

Interviewing successful but also everyday women, women “who could be your neighbour”, Ruthie says, these girls have seen other perspectives of what being a woman means – expanding ideas of what female role models might be, celebrating women. The show itself fuses visual art, live art, video and text – all with a feminist twist. From photoshoots of women in Romsey Town (like the Romsey Town Rollerbillies), to the pop videos of live artists Bryony Kimmings’ feminist pop star Catherine Bennett, to videos of Hollie Mcnish’s poetry – there’s animation and film, too.

Slate the Disco interviewed Ruthie, to find her inspirations behind the show, and what she felt people could learn. Read the review and interview, on their site.

Russ Horne: Face to Face 3rd-16th April 2014













Opening evening: Friday 4th April

Turtle Dove Cambridge 21st-26th March 2014

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Rebel Women / Inspirational Girls March 7th-19th

Rebel Women_Poster_original_FRONT (2)Rebel Women_Poster_original_BACK (1)(Click the above images for further details)


For much of March the Art Salon has female-focused exhibitions, in celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th. Come and visit ‘Rebel Women / Inspirational Girls’, a show celebrating a year long exploration of female role models in the community, by a group of teenage girls supported by Romsey Mill and the Cambridge Art Salon. Read quotes from women across the Cambridge community, from novelists and poets, to artists, business owners, accountants, paramedics and innovators. Enjoy pop videos from feminist pop star Catherine Bennett, animation, live art and photography. The full programme features talks, skill shares, workshops and networking.

Opening time: 6:30pm-8:30pm









Christmas Art Fair on!

The Cambridge Art Salon are delighted to open their Christmas Art Fair, with affordable, hand-made works of art and craft, and festive workshops every weekend.

This Sunday, Jill Fordham, stained glass artist, will be hosting a workshop making stained glass angels, for a contribution of less than five pounds per angel – make your own decoration.CAS_Christmas_Fair

Drawing Blanks – Opens Friday 2nd November 7pm (until 5th November)

Drawing Blanks

Drawing Blanks – illustrations inspired by the creative person’s dreaded fear of FAILURE. Because, as any real artist knows, producing a bad drawing/painting/sculpture/photograph/pasta collage etc is the worst thing that could ever possibly happen. Ever. Far worse than the supposed ‘real problems’ in the world that pose ‘real’ dangers to us, i.e. death and famine and earthquakes and grizzly bears and so on. This exhibition is the culmination of literally months of the artist’s terminal indecision, intense procrastination and wallowing in self-pity about the fact that no one ‘gets’ him, let alone understands his obvious tortured, fragile genius. Witness these images and feel his pain. Or just drink all the free booze and then leave. Either way.

Rob Wilson is an illustrator and resident at the Cambridge Art Salon studios.

‘Neoplasm’, 19th – 31st October; photography and ceramic works by Penny Sackett Hayes


An exhibition of photos and ceramic works by Penny Sackett Hayes, 19th to 31st October. Opening times Thurs 5-7pm. Fri – Sat – Sun 10am-5pm.

50% of Print sales to go to Arthur Rank Hospice, Cambridge. This moving and beautiful show marks a turning point in the artist’s life that will resonate with many. Some of the photos in the exhibition where taken by Penny of her husband Eddy prior to him being diagnosed with lung cancer. She has not been able to look at these photos since his death in 2007 – until now. This exhibition marks a transition or ‘moving on’ from a dark period in Penny’s life and signals a new start.

Eddy stayed at The Arthur Rank Hospice, Cambridge for a few days in 2007. Penny was unable to create any clay works during her husband’s illness and for some time following his death. The works on display were produced since 2007, predominantly abstract vessels and sculptures.

Other photographs on display are unusual angles taken of the human body including a series of ‘ear’ photos illustrating the strangeness of the familiar.

Penny has a BA Hons Fine Art degree from The University of Hertfordshire and an ND in ceramics from City Lit, London, where she was studying when her husband became ill. She taught ceramics, sculpture and photography at Hills Road 6th Form College, Cambridge and has exhibited in London, Cambridge and the USA. She is a resident artist at the Cambridge Art Salon where she has a studio.

Celebrate our Birthday with the Art Map

A map of art spaces in CambridgeYou are, as the image says, warmly invited to celebrate our first birthday with us, at the Cambridge Art Salon. This year has been a busy one, but now we are seeing the launch of the Cambridge Art Map as well as an increased interest in our work and possible expansions left, right, centre, up and down. It’s new, it’s slightly scary, and it’s happening just off Mill Road.

Studio Exhibition @ Cambridge Art Salon

A Month of Art @Cambridge Art Salon

7th July to 29th July 2012

Members of the Cambridge Art Salon will be showcasing their finest work throughout July. The Studio Exhibition will bring together works of different local artists.

The Cambridge Art Salon is located at 29 Cromwell Road. The gallery will be open on Thursdays from 5pm to 7pm and from Friday to Sunday from 10am – 5.30pm. The artists will be present on the weekends. Further information:




During the period from 7th to 15th of July, Giulia Portuese-Williams, sculptor, Susan Windeatt, painter, Henry Sheperd, photographer and film maker and Ruth Schmid, designer and bag maker will be presenting their latest works.

Giulia Portuese-Williams                                Susan Windeatt

Ruth Schmid                                                  Henry Sheperd

They will be followed from 20th to 29th by the works of Karen Lewis, hat maker, Rob Wilson, illustrator, Diana Probst, painter and Penelope Sackett Hayes, ceramicist and textile artist. This is a unique opportunity to engage with the artists, see them work within the gallery space and purchase original art works.

Karen Lewis                                                     Rob Wilson

Diana Probst                                                   Penelope Sackett Hayes

‘A Piece of Magic …… is a Hat’

A feast for the eyes awaits visitors to the ‘Cambridge Art Salon’ where the works of three bespoke milliners is being exhibited between 3rd May – 15th May – offering an exclusive preview of their 2012 couture collections.

‘A Piece of Magic ….. is a Hat’ celebrates the creative flair of Karen Lewis, Sandra Belgrave and Daniel Pilecki – presenting an exquisite display of designs ranging from beautifully fashioned fascinators, elegantly sculpted headpieces, – and eye-popping statement hats.

The exhibition promises a dazzling array of couture creations from Cambridge Milliners – Karen Lewis and Daniel Pilecki – the former, drawing on her extensive experience of working with luxurious textiles – to produce sublime ‘jewel-like’ highly coveted hats, while Pilecki evokes the glamour of Hollywood with a series of show-stopping sculpted designs – proving imagination holds no bounds.

Joined by London based designer – Sandra Belgrave with a range of city slick, cutting edge – Ladies and Men’s Hats – with her signature twist, the exhibition will have hats for every occasion – many of which will be for sale.

Ladies need look no further if seeking inspiration for a head-start in this summer’s fashion stakes.

Magic indeed!

Karen Lewis

After studying fashion and then textiles at Cumbria College of Art, Karen went on to create her own work, culminating in amillinery course at Kensington and Chelsea College under the guidance of Noel Stewart. Her collections have been inspired by many different themes such as fossil drawings by Ernst Haeckel, natural floral forms and garden architecture. Karen specialises in manipulating fabric and creating unusual textures to form her headpieces. She uses traditional materials such as sinamay, crin and felt, and also source silks, ribbons, buttons, feathers and anything of interest from vintage shops and markets in London and Paris.

On Karen’s well-established millinery blog, the reader can discover what inspires her work.

Sandra Belgrave

Sandra Belgrave is a designer who creates high quality bespoke hats and couture headpieces. For years, she has worked as a designer in Digital Design, jewellery and theatre design, as well as a photographic retoucher for fashion photographers and the animation industry. She then moved into the world of millinery, after studying and qualifying at Hortensia College in Chelsea under the guidance of internationally famous milliner Noel Stewart.

Sandra specialises in contemporary hat designs to suit the elegant, sophisticated and stylish woman. Her unique creations are hand-made, using an extensive colour palette of rich felt, feathers, materials and zips sourced from around London. Every beautiful hat or headpiece is a celebration of exceptional craftsmanship and outstanding quality.

Daniel Pilecki

After studying Drama, working as a TV Researcher and Location Director in London and Paris for a Japanese Fashion TV programme and making performance art ‘props’, Daniel decided to turn his passion for millinery into his profession. He went on to study at Kensington and Chelsea College under the tutelage of Noel Stewart.

When working on his unique creations, Daniel uses peachbloom felts, straws and sinamay, luxurious silks and satins, sumptuous velvets, leather and metal, antique lace and veiling, feathers and quills, beading and semi-precious stones. Some of his work features oriental pleating and folding techniques; an eye-catching fusion of East and West. Every piece of headwear is an individual, hand sewn work of art, to be loved and admired, worn and enjoyed. An unshakeable belief that women should look beautiful in his pieces underpins each of his creations.

Postcards From Santiago

mOOaRT > Unique and Original Art by Susan Windeatt

27 April to 1 May

Ever wanted to give up your job, leave your home, bills and clean clothes behind and walk hundreds of miles toward the sunset? Well CAS resident artist Susan Windeatt did just that – Come along and check out her artwork in April.

“Postcards from the Camino” features art and photography inspired by travels along the legendary European pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela and the Galician Coast of Spain. Including unqiue watercolour and ink sketches created en-route through France, Spain and Portugal.

Now based in Cambridge, Susan works in a variety of media. She originally trained in architecture and computer animation and has produced art for the computer games industry as well as graphics and illustration. Finding herself increasingly drawn to working with traditional media her intricate drawings and watercolour sketches portray a three dimensional and organic view of the landscape and architecture that surrounds her.

For more information on Susan’s work please see her website and facebook page: