Cambridge WOW Feminist Posters #femalevoicesnow

Feminist and inspirational posters are now going up all over Cambridge, as part of Cambridge WOW, featuring quotes from women in the city interviewed for Female Voices. Share or post a photo of one, designed by Sensibly Insane and Rebecca Scambler, online on twitter or FB with #femalevoicesnow. The quotes were selected, with help, from our group of girls at Romsey Mill. There’s the chance to win lots of goodies, including cinema tickets from Cambridge Light cinema, gig tickets from Cambridge Junction, jewellery made especially for the comptition, feminist books, vegan cake and mounted inspirational quotes from Hollie Mcnish and novelist Alison Bruce. The posters are all over the city – from cafes such as Clowns and Urban Shed, to shops such as Jemporium, Cambridge Resale, Romsey Mill charity shop, or in public space near the Guildhall (thank you Cambridge City Council), to Cambridge Regional College, to youth and community centres such as Brownsfield and Romsey Mill.

Share with #femalevoicesnow – prize draw is Monday 9th March.

Also see inspirational portraits by My Linh Le, Louisa Taylor and Aurora Cacciapuoti all over the city.


Click here to view the full programme.