Pearls of Wisdom Social Club – SUBJECT, Anthony Gormley, Kettle’s Yard

EDGE - Cambridge Art Salon

‘A lot of the work is to do with wanting to find a balanced relationship between what you could call the vicissitudes of the changing nature of our moods and our motivations – the “What am I doing?” “Am in charge?” “Is this my life?”

Anthony Gormley is talking to us about his current solo show at Kettle’s Yard, SUBJECT, the focus of our next Pearls of Wisdom Social Club. Running until the 27th August, the exhibition explores our relationship to space and our sense of self, plus asks who and what art is for.

‘Sculpture’, he says, ‘once you bolt it to the wall, can give you a little place, a little ledge, that is solid, where you can register your changing moods about everything. Having a place that is connected, but separate. Like this space, the gallery. Sculpture is like that, galleries are like that. A place apart.’

‘It’s like a meteorite in human form, he says, of EDGE, an iron sculpture which really caught our eye, which you can see in Gallery 2. ‘Iron is very dense. Its magnetic field is what allows us to spin. It’s a concentrated earth material – it has a fundamental relationship with the body that our bodies depend upon, which is the planet.’


EDGE was a hit at the Pearls of Wisdom Social Club itself, with visitors from Cambridge Manor Care Home and the fabulous Turtle Dove team, all exploring reactions to works and the exhibition. After a quick talk from Karen Thomas, we headed into the galleries to enjoy the show – and explore how the works made us feel. ‘It makes me want to swing from it like a monkey!’ said, Kate, of Turtle Dove.


Infinite Cube II, on show in the UK for the first time, made of a one-way mirror glass and 1000 LED lights, was very popular. ‘It’s like every time you look at it, there’s so much going on in such a confined space, says Fran. ‘It’s dazzling’, Margaret from Cambridge Manor tells us. ‘I liked the lights, they made me think of the Northern Lights’. Gormley himself advises peering up at it from the floor, where the view is apparently ‘endless’!

Afterwards, we enjoyed a nice cuppa back in the Learning Studio and met up with artist Jo Miller, experimenting with clay, to play with our own sense of space and proportion – with some fabulous results.

We shared what art is for and celebrated our own voices, on this sometimes mysterious subject. How walking around the show, it’s you, your perceptions, that bring it to life.

Interview with Anthony Gormley, Fran Smith and Ruthie Collins. Photos – Fran Smith.

Pearls of Wisdom Social Club returns to Kettle’s Yard in September.

Spaces Available

The Cambridge Art Salon has SPACES TO RENT at Unit 13, Barnwell Drive, and is delighted to be able to offer them to members of the public in arts or creative making.

Rent starts from £125 per month subject to space size.

All creative practices are welcome, including ceramics, fashion, painting, millinery, and many more.


A solo exhibition of work by Jadryk Brown – Opening 9th May 7 pm, running 10th May – 16th May (Read our artist interview here)


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We recently interviewed artist Jadryk Brown to ask him about his work, his creative  background and his latest show:

Q: What are you doing right now?

A: Right now I am finishing off a few pieces for the show and working on designing some much larger figurative works for my collaboration with Deanna Tyson.

Q: Tell us about your show.

A: The show is a collection of work which I have produced in the last year, largely influenced by the couple of months I spent in Los Angeles last summer. The work focuses on ideas of the forgotten, unnoticed and discarded coming together with the beauty of typography and classical  oil paintings. But I’m doing it with spray paint, biro and a bucket of black gloss.

Q: When did you start making art?

A: I wouldn’t be able to say when I first started making art. I guess it’s more that I’ve just never stopped. I’ve always been doing something in one way or another, whether just throwing paint about or drawing terrible pictures of cars, so I think it’s more that it’s just grown and become more of an expression of my thoughts and ideas.

Q: What are your influences as an artist?

A: Everything influences my work. Anything I encounter day to day  can give me an idea, whether it’s a colour, a shape, a piece of lettering, some clothing, or something I hear about will give me the start of an idea behind a piece.

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Visionary Art of David Richardson: ‘Wedding at Cana – Water into Wine Miracle’ 25th April – 30th April ( 7pm-9pm)

We are proud to announce the following  art exhibition by David Richardson: ‘Wedding at Cana – Water into Wine Miracle’  to be launched at the Cambridge Art Salon on 25th April 2014.

David Richardson has termed his style as Expressive Symbol Surrealism as it crosses several artist styles. This was born out of an earlier background training under a Neo-expressionist in the late 1980’s and earlier 90’s. 

This exhibition will include 6 New Testament inspired paintings called ‘The 6 Apostles of Cambridge’ and 12 other paintings that are psychoanalytical in nature investigating the personification of human emotion at an archetypal level.

Opening event: 25th April ( 7pm-9pm) 


lp THE ASCENSION OF JESUS CHRIST AND THE NEW JERUSALEM (4) The feeding of the 5000. Manna and quail. Jesus walks on water Handing yourself over to the father son and holy spirit Going high (version 5)




Turtle Dove Cambridge 21st-26th March 2014

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Rebel Women / Inspirational Girls March 7th-19th

Rebel Women_Poster_original_FRONT (2)Rebel Women_Poster_original_BACK (1)(Click the above images for further details)


For much of March the Art Salon has female-focused exhibitions, in celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th. Come and visit ‘Rebel Women / Inspirational Girls’, a show celebrating a year long exploration of female role models in the community, by a group of teenage girls supported by Romsey Mill and the Cambridge Art Salon. Read quotes from women across the Cambridge community, from novelists and poets, to artists, business owners, accountants, paramedics and innovators. Enjoy pop videos from feminist pop star Catherine Bennett, animation, live art and photography. The full programme features talks, skill shares, workshops and networking.

Opening time: 6:30pm-8:30pm