LGBT Arts at the Art Salon

For the first time, Cambridge Art Salon open their doors in celebration of LGBT History Month 2013. Featuring stunning photography from the likes of Sadie Ramone and Karl Dmitri Bishop, plus vibrant art works from artists Dittany Rose and Paula Metcalf – this will be a real treat.
Come along, between 21st and 28th February, late Thursday 5pm – 7pm and 10am – 5.30pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
You are also invited to a special, initimate closing party for the show on 27th Feb at 7pm.
Bring Your Own Bottle!
“We are …thrilled that so many organisations from across Cambridge have come together this year to make LGBT History Month a success.  Bringing about change towards an accepting society is not just the responsibility of a few, but can be achieved by many of us working together “ Kate Durrant.  Encompass Network
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