Exploring…isms or Playing with the Masters

Exploring…isms or Playing with the Masters @ Cambridge Art Salon Thursday, the May 24th – Tuesday, the May 29th

A Group Exhibition of Deanna Tyson and her students

Deanna explains:  “Exploring ……isms began as a group exercise but has grown into a show where the actual mounting of the exhibition has become an integral part of the exercise. The aim of the original exercise was to research and explore different art movements, to study styles and discover underlying philosophies. The task was for each student to find a masterpiece to which they could relate, which intrigued and inspired them,then to interpret it in three different styles. The fourth would represent their own take on the original now probably influenced by their studies. I took art movements from 18c to the modern day and grouped them into three, time -related sections from Impressionism, through Cubism to Conceptualism. From each group students selected one movement to interpret within a 20x20cm square. They were then going to cut these images into four and play with them further. However, at this point, I realized how interesting their work was and decided to make the exercise an even bigger challenge by extending the decision making to mounting and presentation. In mounting this exhibition, unaided for the first time, they have done a brilliant job.”

The CONTINUOUS CONCERTINA BOOKS are an on going project, inspired by Deanna’s visit to Kettle’s Yard last year to view a wonderful exhibition by Andrew Lanyon entitled VON RIBBENTROP IN ST. IVES and capture daily thoughts, associations and ideas, taking the mind and the line for a walk.
Each member of the group was also asked to put in a piece of work of special significance to them that did not have to relate to any of the work we do in the studio groups in Fulbourn.