Resident artist Peter displays his work at Cambridge Art Salon from 20-25 April.

The show is featured in the April Explorer magazine:

‘The three dimensional work featured is a response to his father’s diagnosis and subsequent death from Alzheimer’s. Using found and made objects Peter has attempted to give a sense of what is has been like for him witnessing the slow but inevitable progress of the disease.

Peter says: “My father was an artist, and creative long after he lost his ability to communicate verbally, but in the end his spirit and identity vanished infront of us and him. The paintings concern happer times, growing up with my family in a small, provincial seaside village in North Wales, I play with the subject matter working the tension between tone and colour, content and form”.’


Semperey Magazine

Cambridge Art Salon resident milliner Karen Lewis is featured in the Winter Issue of Semeperey magazine as part of a fashion piece written by Creative Director of the Salon Ruthie Collins.

This sophisticated lifestyle magazine brings you the best in organic beauty, vintage treasure, art and fashion. Spear-headed by fashion photographer Helena Tepli, the magazine has recently undergone a huge rebrand – with sumptuous photography and sparkling editorial.

Best read with a cup of organic hot chocolate.


Semperey Magazine is currently on sale in the gallery shop.

Exhibition: Drawing Inspiration

The Cambridge Art Salon is hosting Diana Probst’s show ‘Drawing Inspiration’ until Wednesday 16th November. She is showing original still life and portraiture and a selection of limited edition screen prints and monoprints.

Visit between 10 and 6 to meet the artist and see what she has done over the past year.

Exhibition: Spaced Out

Ship made of shaped nebulae, sailing through space

Spaced Out Ship

An exhibition of celestial paintings and illustrations by Lou Peajeux plus metal creations by Stephen Bedrikovs. Taking inspiration from outer-space, with all its beauty, magnitude and breathtaking swirls of colour, two local budding artists have worked in their own preferred mediums to create an astral display that is, almost literally, out of this world.

Lou is a resident artist at the Cambridge Art Salon, having graduated with a first class degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. Now working as a freelance illustrator, specialising in greetings cards, hand-painted ceramics and prints, this exhibition showcases a different and perhaps more painterly style. Whilst a love of vibrant colour and playful humour is still evident, the pieces are on a larger scale and have been worked to a high level of detail, contrasting smooth, cloudy gradients and sharper, glowing highlights.

There are five original canvases on show – four in acrylics, one in oils and six digital illustrations. The paintings depict a range of colourful nebulae, whilst the illustrations are either visual puns or comical space scenes featuring creatures on a journey through the stars. All original artwork is for sale, plus a range of signed and mounted prints.

Stephen Bedrikovs is a friend of Lou’s, having both known each other from school, throughout college and then university. Graduating with a degree in Design Crafts, Stephen is a metalsmith, jeweller and crafter, working predominantly in copper for this show, creating and shaping dishes with an iridescent, outer-space finish. All original pieces will also be for sale.

Resident Artists’ exhibition

Print of Complicated cog-based world with moving partsFor three weeks, the resident artists at the CAS will be exhibiting a selection of their works, in a multi-person show. The work will concentrate on 2D pieces. Our window display will rotate on a weekly basis. Upcoming, we have several individual exhibitions in preparation.

Future Generations…

This week, the Cambridge Art Salon is pleased to present Future Generations Lie Dead by our Hand, an installation by Penelope Sackville-Hayes. The installation in ceramics runs until 27th September