The Finsbury Park Deltics


Runs from 10 February (Private view) – 21 February

Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

News from The War on Terror

A Finsbury Park Deltics Exhibition

“Images dripping as much with sensitivity as they are with sex and death. Terrifyingly ambiguous, relentlessly appealing, deliriously transgressive, provocative, inspiring – yet tender and engaging. “

All these things have been written about other people. I just like drawing pictures. And the Victor Book for Boys. I’ve been doodling for as long as I can remember – initially as a way of alleviating the tyranny of childhood angst; now as a way of alleviating the tyranny of grown-up angst. As life becomes ever more complex in the War Against Terror (and my head), I retreat into a world of two dimensions, screen tone – and the certainty of ink.

My work has appeared in Viz, the Nantais Gallery Cambridge, The Face Sixties Fashion Clothing Store in Carnaby Street and numerous publications highlighting various social and environmental issues (and that isn’t Viz). I was going to have a satirical cartoon in Private Eye once, a cutting piece commenting on one of Tony Blair’s wars, but ufortunately peace broke out the week before publication.

I work mainly with acrylics and ink, but have been known to fiddle around with other stuff.

This is still all a bit of a hobby, but one that hopefully brings a smile to those who come across it. I hope you enjoy the artwork.